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Vol.   39   A   Publication   Of   The Duneland   Woodcarvers   April 2015

Happy Easter

I Fall Down and Go Boom

(Nurse Marcy’s Own Words)

Marcie L

Marcy Lichnerowicz, our little Speed Demon while doing her daily job as a surgical nurse in the operating room spun out and landed on the floor. Marcy said the floor had a little moisture on it which is normal during surgery. The other doctors and nurses immediately came to her rescue and tried to lift her up, which she told them to leave her be until she could run a self diagnostic to see what was broken if anything. It turned out she hit her face first on the floor giving her a black eye and also broke her wrist in 6 places. They took her into another operating room and inserted a whole bunch of rebar, screws, and plates to put her back together again. Actually it was one huge plate and about 7-8 screws. This put her out of action at work for several weeks. The only good thing about this is she now has free time to come to our Tuesday meetings. I told her that it was really lucky it was her left arm (assuming that she was right handed) wrong again she is left handed. She was just allowed to take off the removable cast the other day for a few hours a day. She is definitely on the mend which is a good thing because she is getting Married on the 25th of April. She will then become Mrs. Dwayne Bomba. I’m sure you know it already but, Dwayne you are one lucky guy.


Happy, Happy Birthday to You Both

 Birthday Cake

       Lee Nedreau…………April 13th

         Werner Reicken……..April 17th

     Have many more Guys


 I have come to the conclusion that dryer lint is the cremation remains of all my missing socks.

 Woodcarvers don’t die they just turn into saw dust and then the wife’s sweep them under the carpet.

 My Buddy – If he was dumb as dirt he would cover about an acre.

Welcome Leroy Burrell

 Leroy Burrell

I want to introduce to you all our newest member this year Mr. Leroy Burrell from Crown Point. He is new to carving. I don’t know how or why I haven’t welcomed Leroy sooner. I carry a steno pad with me to all meetings to write down possible news to be printed in the burl. When I put them into print I check them off in my steno pad. For some reason I checked off on welcoming Leroy and never did it. Seeing as I hardly ever make mistakes or at least none that I will ever admit to…I want to formally welcome Leroy to our family. He has been sitting next to me on Tuesday’s and you would never know he is there. He is very quiet, not like the rest of us. He’s a very nice guy and always has a smile on his face. Glad to have you with us !

Pat Moore Class Canceled

I’m sorry he have to notify all of you that the Pat Moore class was canceled. We needed at least 8 people to sign up to attend and weren’t able to have enough sign up. Her husband will be at the show selling all of her rough outs of her best carvings. Take a look at them and see just how good she is. Pat is a very accomplished carver and it would have been very benefiting to take her class. Not sure why we were unable to fill class. Maybe next year.

Many Thanks Diane Price

For those that don’t recognize the name Diane is the very attractive owner of Copy Rite in Valparaiso, IN. She is the one that sees to me getting the news letter out on time every month. I have been dealing with Diane for over 10 years. I know Irv Olsen (our former editor) also used her services for several years. I have written about her second in command Dana Casbon several times because she was the one I normally dealt with. But she had to go and get pregnant and have a beautiful baby boy. She is going to be a stay at home Mom and now Diane has to do double duty till she can find a replacement. We not only have Copy Rite do our newsletter every month, but Diane also handles all of other printing like the advertising hand outs and posters. If you ever need printing done this is a place you can rely on.

April 2015 Carving Demonstrators

Saturday April 11th  

11 am Jerry Lambert will do Bird Carving

12 pm George Sarver will do Chip Carving

1 pm Jim Smith will do Carving Caractures

2 pm Jeff Postma will do Chain Saw Carving

3 pm Don Good will show how to sharpen tools

 Sunday April 12th

11 am Jerry Lambert will do Bird Painting

12 pm George Sarver will do Chip Carving

1 pm Mickey King Carves caricatures

2 pm Sanford Pangburn Carves Antlers

 We want to thank all of these carvers that are donating their time and taking time to show all of us on how they are able to turn out such beautiful art pieces. Special thanks to Marcy Bomba and Bob Tylisz. Marcy’s Woodworkers club will be demonstrating all day on both days how to use scroll saws and Mini wood lathes. Bob Tylisz will demonstrate how to carve with a CTC engraver.

Mark Your Calendar

Kathy Hays just notified me that she has already set up a date for the 2016 show. It will be held at the same place and same building but a different date. The show dates are April 1st and 2nd 2016. You can set up for the show on Friday afternoon same as always. Kathy said that she wanted to do this show even if we lose money again because it will be the 40 consecutive time our club is putting on the show.

A Welcomed Return Home

 Bob Davidson

This good looking Dude is Bob Davidson. Bob had been a member for several years and then for some reason didn’t renew his membership for some time. I ‘m not sure what or why he decided to return to the flock but, happy to see him return. He said he missed out on the friends that he had met over the years and now happy to have returned. We are very happy to see him back. It seems like he and John Corso, also a returning member have hit it off pretty good, as they sit together every Tuesday now.

A little about Bob, he is married to a lovely lady named Margaret and has sons Eric and Robert Jr.  Bob was a mechanic for Nipsco Gas for over 28 years. He made sure to keep all of their vehicles running in top shape and now is retired. He is an avid archer that makes his own arrows and bow strings. He has a archery range in his basement (must be a huge basement). Bob also does fly fishing ( something I have never been able to master). He started carving about 5 years ago and got influenced when he had paid a visit to the Woodcraft Store in Merrillville. He there met up with a few of our members that worked there. Too bad that store is no longer open. I’ve seen a few of Bob’s carvings and they turned out pretty good for someone just having started.

The Internet Sure Comes In Handy

I think I have mentioned in the past on how I use the cartoon caricature drawings printed in Mad Magazine for inspiration for some of the faces that I carve on Bark. I was talking with Bob Stevens at one of the meetings on how I love this crazy magazine. He told me to look up Tom Richmond on the internet as he is one of the lead cartoonists in the magazine. I did a search for him and found a site that he has that shows all of the famous people that he has drawn over the years. I have never seen anyone that is able to portray such famous people the way he does them. I printed out a few of them to see if I can come anywhere close to what he is able to do. I thought it would be cool if I could carve someone famous in Cottonwood Bark or on some of the wood candles I make. All of you caricature carvers should check out his site. It could give you some good new ideas for inspiration. I’m doing an Albert Einstein now that seems to be coming out fairly well. Give it a try.

We Need Help !!!

Bruce Johnston ( the Show Chairman) showed me his list of volunteers he has that will help out taking in the tickets at the door for Saturday and Sunday. He still has a few openings that needs to be filled. Bob Stevens who is in charge of handling the Judging area upstairs at the show needs one person to help log in entries and 2 people to help put carvings in the proper places for judging. Any carver or their spouse that is willing to help him please contact Bob. The club has over 70 members and it seems a shame that I have to more or less beg to get people to come forward and volunteer to help.

If we all could just spare a few hours of our time just once a year, it sure would make it a lot easier on the several people that seem to always be the ones to take on these jobs that benefits everyone. We have such a wonderful group that are almost like a family. Every year we always seem to find a way to get everything done but it sure plays hell on my nerves. Enough preaching lets have the greatest show that we have ever had. It is such a chore trying to get help that next year may be our last show.

This Months Pattern

 The pattern this month is of a hunting dog with a few duck decoys thrown in. The pattern shows how you can use ¾ or 1” pieces of basswood to create this really nice carving . You can save a lot of wood by layering the carving this way. It’s much easier to cut the 3 pieces separately than trying to carve away so much wood. Plus it’s a real time saver. Hope you enjoy.

 Bud’s Tool Shop

Bud Iiliff has only been with our club for what seems like a very short time. Less than 6 months. Before he retired he was a machinist for a whole lot of years. He is so good at what he does, I don’t think that there is anything he cannot make. He has hand made several of his own metal working machines. When he told me about all of things he has hand made it boggled my mind. He has become a one man tool supplier for most of our carvers. He can make a knife out of almost any kind of spare metal. He has produced gouges and V-tools out of old large nails and almost anything he has laying around. He sells all of these tools so cheap that one feels like your cheating him. Everyone realizes the amount of work it takes to make them. He just smiles and says that he’s not trying to get rich off of us besides he enjoys doing it. I personally have four of his hand made knifes and about a dozen different gouges and v-tools. After he creates these jewels he heat treats them so that they hold a very sharp edge which seems like forever. Some of our carvers just tell him the tool that they need and the following week he has it for them. Jim Smith gave Bud an old 2 man saw he had hanging in his garage forever and you should see what he was able to make with it. We are truly lucky to have him as a member.

Another Chance To Carve Together

Our very hard working President Kathy Hays has made it possible for all of us to get together and carve at the Chesterton Art Gallery. The idea to have a place to carve together on a Saturday once a month came from our very accomplished Chip Carver George Sarver. George is one of the finest Chip Carvers I have ever met. Sorry Irv. People in the club used to always tease poor Irv and tell him that Chip Carving wasn’t really carving. I don’t think anyone in the club would dare tell George that. The reason is his nick name sense he was a teenager is Bear. He makes a Grizzly look small. Anyway our fist meeting will be on May 16th from 9am till 12 noon. We will have these meetings every third Saturday of the month for at least three months to see how it works out. We are planning on having at least 5-6 of the regular members that do assorted carving. This way it allows some of the members that still are working a chance to get together with the club. This is the same building that we used to have our regular club meetings.

The Indiana Woodcarvers Summer Camp (Bremen, IN – August 13-16, 2015) has a new website.


Smile Awhile With Me

You know, I spent a fortune on deodorant before I realized that people didn’t like me anyway.

I was thinking about old age and decided that old age is when you still have something on the ball but you are just too tired to bounce it.

I was thinking about how a status symbol of today is those cell phones that everyone has clipped onto their belt or purse. I can’t afford one. So I’m wearing my garage door opener.

Birds of a feather flock together and then crap on your car.

I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older. Then it dawned on me. They were cramming for their finals.

As for me , I sure hope God grades on a curve.



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