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Vol.   39   A Publication of The Duneland Woodcarvers   August 2015

The Return Of Vic

We haven’t seen Vic Erdelac in a very long time. Sometimes when an elderly gentleman (nice for old timer) doesn’t show up for our regular Tuesday meetings for awhile we start to come up with all kinds of terrible reasons of why he hasn’t been around. A few weeks ago he showed up twice in a row. Today (July 21) Sanford Pangburn arrived with half of his Pickup truck filled with pieces of basswood that Vic had given him to distribute amongst the members that wanted it. He told Sandy that he isn’t able to do much carving anymore and wanted the wood to go to the club members.  Most of us old guys like Bruce Johnston and I have lots of wood but, some of the newer members gathered it up like Gold was being given away. I’m sure the wood will be put to a good use. Many, many, thanks to you Vic for being so generous.

Here We Go Again

Boy I should be lashed with a wet noodle for forgetting to include Rich Grutsch again for the second year in the July birthday list. He told me last year about the omission and I really did write it down Rich. The problem is I wrote it down in the 2012 list and never transposed it onto the new list for 2015. My Bad. Rich I know you probably won’t believe me but I didn’t ignore you on purpose. Rich had another birthday on July 7th. He looks pretty good for a guy only 85 years old, don’t you think.

Another New Member

I want you all to give a big welcome to the latest new member Ted Chavez. Ted has been taking care of one of our older members  Jim Douglas. Jim has been a member of our club almost since the beginning of the clubs existence. Jim served as Secretary for years.  Due to health problems Jim hasn’t been able to attend the club meetings. While helping Jim, Ted noticed some of Jim’s carvings and questioned him about them. I don’t know exactly what Jim told him but, it was enough to make Ted come to one of our Tuesday meetings. He liked what he saw and immediately became a member. Now a little about Ted. Ted was born in San Diego, CA. He now resides in Crown Point with his lovely wife Ruth of 28 years and 4 great kids, Joshua, Katie, Jacob, and Caleb.  Ted has a pretty important job as Director of Operations at Brighton Care. Ted also enjoys playing basketball when not working or carving. He is a pretty big guy, I don’t think I will challenge him for a game any time soon. Ted’s been carving for about 3 months and looks very eager to learn all he can about all that is related to carving. He likes carving small things for now but I don’t think it will be long and he will be tackling some big items. I asked what he enjoys about carving most. His reply was he finds it relaxing and also very challenging. It’s nice to see new members that are so excided to learn as much as they can about carving.

Birthday Cake

Happy, Happy Birthday

     Colin Adams……………….Aug. 12th

      Chuck Swickart……………Aug. 16th

   Maria Azcona………………Aug. 18

Happy Birthday To All Of You

Hope You Have Many, Many More

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Many Thanks For Their Support

Carving Camp In Bremen

If you haven’t signed up for your campsite or if you decide to just come for a daily thing and go home each night the days are August 13th through the 16th . That’s Thursday through Sunday. I was told that they have 17 instructors already signed up and possibly more to join later. The event is held at the Pla-Mor Campground in Bremen, IN. You can look them up on the web or look up this website Indiana Woodcarvers Summer Camp. At this site you can see our very own Suzy Postma in the middle of the photo in a red shirt. For those that are not familiar with this outing it is, 4 days of learning all kinds of woodcarving from instructors that arrive from several different states. They have several different caricature carvers, bark carvers, gourd carvers that also teach wood burning on gourds, relief carvers, great wood burning instructors that teach by giving you several patterns to copy and burn for a very small fee. Most of the instructors in the past have charged only one fee plus cost of supply’s which is nominal. The instructor I had a few years ago charged only one fee and told me that I could come back every day till the project was finished. A real bargain. They have a small restaurant in the camp ground but if you would rather dine in town it’s only 10 minutes away. Hope to see you there.

Lake County Fair Soon

The fair itself will be going on for several days, but our part of it is for only one day. The day that The Duneland Woodcarvers will be demonstrating and selling will be August 14th .  The club will be in the same place we are in at the steam show. I believe it’s called The Industrial Arts Building. If you are interested in being in the Fair just contact Bruce Johnston and he can set you up with entrance tickets. He can be reached at 219-662-0044.

I definitely wanted to be there but The Fair comes at the same time as the Carving Camp at Bremen ,IN.

The Door Village Festival

Another upcoming event I thought you might like to know about is The 23rd Annual Door Village Harvest Festival, held in LaPorte, IN. The days to be held are Sept. 12th and 13th, which are on Saturday and Sunday. It is held in the Scipio Township Park which is located at 3501 W. Joliet Road, LaPorte, IN. Kathy Hays has reserved 6 tables for the club, so if you would like to partake in the festivities call her at 219-762-2966. It doesn’t cost the club anything and you can enjoy all the going’s on free. Just a few of the carvers that the club has had over the years are Arnie Bass, Ron Muskina, and Kathy Hays. Kathy told me that they all have a ball at the festival and enjoy the music. The club will be located in Grandpa’s Woodshed.

Just a few of the things you will be able to see are, 5 different entertainment  groups. For the kids, face painting, pony rides, clowning attractions, pioneer games, and animals to see. Other attractions are Indian Camp, Pioneer Village, Civil War Camp, Antique Car Show, Antique Tractors, Demonstrations, and Quality Craft Booths. Join Kathy and the Gang and have a good time.

27th Annual Valley Carvers Woodcarving Expo Held In Starved Rock Lodge

The Valley Carvers are holding their 27th annual show in the Starved Rock State Park Motor Lodge  on Sunday September 27th . This show is open to the public and has free admission for all. This show is only a one day event with loads to see. The show hours are from 9am till 5pm. There will be over 100 exhibits of woodcarving. Last year they had a wonderful chainsaw carver doing his carving just outside the lodge. He was really wonderful to watch. He was able to create huge carvings in a very short time. His carvings were sold as fast as he could finish them. If you are able to, go see this show. Well worth your time, plus the scenery is beautiful.  The restaurant there has some really good food.

Crown Point Steam Show 2015

Paul Bunyan alias (Jeff Postma) is a member of the organization that sponsors the show every year. He arranges the table space and entrance tickets for our members that attend the show. In the centerfold photos that is displaying The Duneland Woodcarvers banner you can see three of our finest carving members. They are Bruce (slim Jim) Johnston, Bob (Smiley) Stevens, and Brian (always looking for some pie to eat) Leonard. Not to be left out in one of the other photos wearing the red shirt is our very own Don (Let me show you how to sharpen that) Good. The show was held in the Lake Co. Fair Grounds on July 10th thru 12th.  We all had a blast.  The building we were in was huge. In the center of the building they had the biggest miniature train set up I have ever seen. I can’t imagine how many man hours it took to build it and the cost must have been more than my allowance would have been for several months. The show had on display every kind of steam engine ever produced. I only took one photo of a steam engine but I think it was one of the oldest. It’s truly amazing that they all were able to be started up and were able to perform work. In the bottom few photos you can see Paul (I mean Jeff) carving up a storm. He was carving non stop all three days. His work is getting so good that he was selling his  carvings before he had time to finish them. He told me that he is booked up for the next 7 weekends carving trees on customers properties. The show also had rows of vendors that carried almost everything. The food vendors had delicious food. We all were able to sample some fine Biscuits and Gravy every morning. My mouth waters just remembering them. If you weren’t able to see it, you missed a great time.

LaPorte Co. Fair 2015

 Several of our club members demonstrated and sold their carvings at the fair. It was held in the LaPorte fairgrounds in The Artisan Barn on July 12th thru the 18th. We started doing the fair about three years ago when the person in charge of the Artisan Barn saw some of Jan Tennis’s carvings in town in LaPorte. He asked her all about how she got into carving and the club she belonged to. Jan had us enter the show and we have been there ever since. When Jan passed away then her husband Norm took over. Now Norm has left us and their son Brad has taken up the task of helping us in setting up our tables and making the arrangements. Kathy Hays also has been a big inspiration on keeping the show going.  Some of the carvers attending were Kathy Hays, Darlene Henderson, Doris Kroening, Arnie Bass, Ron Muskina & Carol, Larry Bingham, and of course Me. There is a lot to see at the Fair. Being a demonstrator we were all given free parking and attendance tickets. Really nice inexpensive way to enjoy all the festivities. Just one note, Arnie sold more carvings than all of us combined. Way to go Arnie. Thanks Brad and Kathy.

Things To Ponder

1.If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we know?

  1. Why does slow down and slow up mean the same thing?
  2. Is it good if a vacuum really sucks?
  3. Why does fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?

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