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Vol.   37   A   Publication   Of   The Duneland   Woodcarvers   January 2015

An Amazing New Member

Everett IliffEI-bark house

His name is Everett Iliff, but don’t call him that as he won’t answer to it. He prefers to be called Bud. Bud got started carving by coming to a car show that was being put on at the Welcoming Center just off the expressway 80-94 0n Kennedy Ave. When he finished looking at the cars he went into the Welcoming Center where he found several of our club members just sitting there carving. He talked with Clarence McCoy, Ron Muskina, Mickey King, and Bob Stevens. He asked Ron about some of the beautiful staffs he had carved and was selling. He got a little sticker shocked when he found out they sold for $140 and up. After talking with the guys for awhile he decided to give it a try. Bud is a retired machinist that is 73 years young. And I do mean young he could pass for a much younger age if he wanted. He makes all of his own knifes and tools. He told me about all of the different machines he has built for just the fun of building them. He is married to a lovely lady named Jean who together have 2 very pretty daughters Natalie and Betty Jean. Bud came to the club picnic and won a piece of Cottonwood bark that I brought that was given to me by Dave Hicks who wasn’t able attend. The top photo is one of the houses he carved with the bark. He even added a light in the house. He has only been carving since March. He showed me some photos on his phone of a few of his carvings. He amazed me as to how many he has already finished. Bud and his family live in Hammond. He mostly carves in Basswood and Cottonwood bark. When not carving Bud enjoys to build electronic things, (built his own band saw) he builds all kinds of things. He also likes to weld. Bud has been trying his hand at carving some of everything he comes across. He has become a regular at our Tuesday meeting and I’m sure glad of it. Bud is a fine example of how fast you can learn to carve when you put your mind to it. Bud is also the first member to give me his finished carving for the staff that will be raffled off at the show. What a guy.

Dues Are Due

I know, I know, you just got finished with the cost of Christmas and are looking forward to doing your taxes. If you want to keep receiving this fabulous news letter and be able to carve at Woodland Park you will have to give up a mere pittance of a fee. The fee is only $20 dollars and can be paid to Bruce Johnston at one of our meetings or sent to his home at 9731 Johnson Street, Crown Point, IN  46307. When you do please smile that way we will know how much you appreciate us.


We have a few members that have been missing from our regular meetings and are truly missed. First is Norm Tennis, who has received several Chemo treatments and needs time to rebuild his system. He told me he hopes to return later on in January. Second is Darlene Henderson, she is having a bout with an ailment caused by being a diabetic for most of her life. It is causing bleeding behind her eyes making it almost impossible to see. Third Is Angel Colon, who has a torn Meniscus in his knee. He had the needed surgery and hopes to return soon. Come back we miss all of you.

Party Time

Carvers not only know how to carve but do one heck of a job partying. We had our Christmas Party at the Blue Spruce room in Woodland Park on December 14th. We had a good turn out with 34 people attending. Enough cannot be said how hard our President Kathy Hays and her husband Jerry worked to make the party such a great success. The party started at 1o o’clock. Kathy ended up getting there about 11 o’clock to see that everything was set up and ready to go. She even had the park district set up round tables like we used to have at the Yacht Club in Portage. We had 6 tables set up and in the middle of each table Kathy set a beautiful large wooden plate that she had chip carved a very elaborate design. She placed a little green sticker under one chair of each table. When the party was winding down she announced that whoever was sitting at the chair that had the green sticker under it, could take the plate home as her gift. Almost every one brought a grab bag gift and Kathy handled giving out the gifts. Most people brought a food dish that was shared with all. Kathy’s husband Jerry brought a very large ham that was piping hot. Kathy set up 3 tables full of food and one table that had nothing but desserts. Two other tables were set up with refreshments, coffee, several kinds of pop, and water. Everyone left with a smile on their faces and a full tummy. Kathy told me that she is already making plans for next year. Wow what a woman.

One Of George’s Little Secrets

George Sarver is just one of several of our chip carver’s. I think it is a toss up on who actually carves the most between George or Kathy Hays. George sells his beautiful carvings at several different shows and does very well. He has built up a list of clients that place orders with him that he delivers at the shows. I was watching him the other day and saw that he had placed a fancy pattern on one of his new projects. He told me that he didn’t want to spend a lot of time drawing the pattern on the project, so he printed one out on his computer. He then used double face tape to adhere the pattern onto the project. He said that it saves him an awful lot of time seeing as how many he turns out each week. I bought a roll of the tape. It was 81/2“ by 20 feet for $19.95. He is one busy guy. I had never thought of doing it that way. I never liked having to spend so much time drawing out the pattern. Now I don’t have too. I told George that I was going to share his trick with everyone and he said go ahead.


 Birthday Cake

Happy, Happy, Birthday

Jeff Postma……………….Jan. 23rd

Bob Rinearson…………….Jan 25th

 Happy Birthday to you both!

Hope you have many, many, more.

Sorry For Being So Late

Due to unforeseen circumstances this months news letter is being published late. This phrase is used so often by other publications, I thought I would borrow it. I had to put a hold on the printing so that a few important things could be added that I knew you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Thanks for your patience. Several people have been bugging me so I thought I would add this comment.

My New Years Resolution

There have been many times in 2014, when I have annoyed you, disturbed you, irritated you, and bugged the hell out of you ………today I just wanted to let you know, I plan on continuing this on in 2015.



One Of Our Greatest Contributors


Many Thanks For Their Support

Another long Distance Member

I just got a nice Christmas card from Lynn Wright and she included a check for 2015 membership. Lynn used to attend our Tuesday meetings until she decided to go somewhere where she didn’t have to shovel snow ever again. Lucky lady moved to Thousand Palms, California. She put a little note in the Christmas card saying she still wanted to remain a member so that she could keep updated on the club members. She said she also enjoyed the way I write the news letter. People don’t realize how telling me that, just makes it harder for me to put on my hats as my head has a tendency to enlarge when I hear that. She is one sweet lady and I miss seeing her at the meetings.

Letter From Bill’s Daughter

I received a letter from Bill Fairchok’s daughter that lives in Florida. Her name is Maryellen Levenstein. She wanted to thank all of the people that came to Bill’s estate sale and purchased his carving stuff. She was sad to see all of the things that meant so much to Bill, but was happy to see that it went to people that would put it to good use. She told me that Bill has the beginning of dementia and doesn’t remember the passing of his wife. He didn’t remember seeing some of the members that had gone to pay him a visit some time ago. However Maryellen said that Bill is still in good spirits even though the dementia has changed his personality somewhat and his memory loss is evident. Bill hasn’t read any of the last few news letters so Avalon Springs has been forwarding them to her. She still wants to receive them so I made a address change and will be sending them to her home. Bill just turned 90 years of age.

I Got The Fickle Finger Of Fate

The other day a young lady brought her 14 year old son Mike to our Tuesday meeting. She had talked to one of our members Marcy Lichnerowicz who told her to bring her son to our meeting and introduce him to carving. In the process of doing that I made a slight screw up and nicked my finger and drew a little blood. This immediately drew Kathy’s attention as she still had the Fickle Finger. For those not familiar with it, it is a carved finger that looks like it has been cut, with blood and bandage on it. This has to be carried or worn at all meetings till the next person cuts themselves. I think Kathy has had it for several years. Anyway I now hold the honor till I catch the next Guy.

Smile Awhile With Me – New Years Resolutions

  1. A resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.
  2. My New Year’s resolution is to be more optimistic by keeping my cup half-full with either rum, vodka, or whiskey.
  3. People treat New Year’s like some sort of life changing event. If your life sucked last year, it’s probably going to suck tomorrow.
  4. New Year’s Eve is the only acceptable time to wear body glitter without being mistaken for a stripper.
  5. Just heard that in 2015 there will be a new device that turns thoughts into speech. I have had that for years..it’s called alcohol.
  6. I’m actually feeling pretty O.K. about not accomplishing anything this year.
  7. I want to get so drunk this eve that if vampires bit my neck they’d get a Bloody Mary.
  8. This New Year ‘s I resolve to be less awesome since that is the only thing I do in excess.


Pat Moore’s Class
slide9 Pat Moore

Pat Moore Carving Class Registration Form

Pat Moore Carving Class for 2015

The Duneland Woodcarvers Are hosting a 2 and ½ day Carving class prior to the Duneland Carving Show on April 10th and 11th.  The class will run from 9:00 am to4:30 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, April 8th and 9th , and from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Friday, April 10th. Lunch will be provided on Wednesday and Thursday. The class will be held in the Hickory Hollow room, which is located in the same building as the show at Woodland Park.

Pat Moore is a very accomplished carver and has won numerous awards for her carving ability, including winning Best Of Show in 2006 at the Duneland Woodcarving show.

Additionally, she has been featured in “Woodcarving Illustrated” and “Chip Chats” and has won awards at the Dayton’s “ Artistry in Wood” show in 2013 and 2014.

This class will be a “carving only “class. You will be able to choose any rough out you desire. Finishing the carving will be dependent upon the size and complexity of the rough out you choose, your experience, and the time limit for the class.

The cost of the class is $140.00 plus the rough out.

The cost of the rough out ranges from approximately $13.00 to $70.00, depending on their size.

Those interested in registering for the class should email Bruce Johnston at b.johnston1776@sbcglobal.net and he will email you the application form. You will need to tell him what format your PC can utilize: Microsoft “Word”, Microsoft :Works” , or Acrobat’s Adobe (pdf) . Additionally, the application should be on the Duneland Woodcarvers website within the next 2 weeks.

Moore Roughouts were at our show last year and had I think 6 tables full of all the rough-outs that they carry. They did so well that they have increased their table site to 8 tables. If you want to check out the type of rough-out’s that they carry you can go to their website www.roughouts.com. The class that will be taught will only have room for 12 people. If you want to be included in the class it will be first come first serve. The class will fill up fast so don’t delay. For those that want the class you have to submit the application with a $70 dollar check that is non- refundable. If the class gets filled we will take 3 names of people that want the class in case someone drops out at the last minute. I’m already signed up, so see you there.

I just found an article about Pat Moore in the Nov. Dec. 2008 issue of Chip Chat’s. It shows some of the carvings that she has finished and won so many awards with.

No Pattern This Month

Sorry about not having a pattern in the Burl this month. There was so much to say, that I run out of room to have one. I promise I will have one next month. When I start writing the Burl I worry about if I will have enough articles to write about and then when it comes time to have it printed all kinds of people ask me if I have room to have something added to the news letter. So there you are. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The Buck Stops Here

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