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Vol.   39   A   Publication   Of   The Duneland   Woodcarvers   March 2015

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Lots Going On This Month
Several things happening this month. Daylight Savings starts on March 8th. First day of spring is March 20th. Hopefully the white stuff will have vanished for another year. And most important is St. Patrick’s Day when everyone no matter what their heritage is becomes an Irishman for one day on March 17th. I’m told that I’m so full of Blarney most of the time I’m a natural to be wearing Green that day. So all you would be Irishman have a Happy St. Pat’s day. I tried to find a pattern of a Leprechaun for this months Burl, but couldn’t find one anywhere. If any of you have one send it to me and will use it next year. Thanks.

I Was Chastised
Last month I had printed a smaller version than normal, due to time constraints. One of our members (who will remain anonymous ) came up to me and held up a copy of the news letter and opened it to show me that something was missing. Of course he meant no insert page. When I gave him the sternest look I could possibly muster, he immediately said he was only joking. Before I took over as editor the Burl was always only 4 pages. Being my talkative self I asked the powers to be if it was alright if I added the insert page as I always had so much to say. Everyone agreed it was a great idea, as it gave all the members more for their money. On that day I think I created a monster, as now everyone expects it. In the future I will try to deliver. It would help immensely if some of you would give me a helping hand by submitting possible articles that you think might be enjoyable reading by the other members.

 Carvings For The Staff
I got another carving for the Club staff that will be raffled off at the April Show. Barb DeMars (Cutie Dumplin) brought it in. She has tuned out to be a very accomplished Pyrographic’s artist. In other words she is exceptional at wood burning peoples faces on wood. She took the block of wood Bruce gave her and burned faces of four presidents on it. Beautiful work Barbs. I also had several people promise me that they would have their carvings ready soon. I can’t really be too hard on anyone as I’m still not finished with mine. As a reminder please don’t wait till the last minute like last year. I had to glue up the staff the night before the show. I received so many carvings the day before the show that I had to include a cane along with the staff for the raffle.

North Verses South
What’s the difference between a Northern USA fairy tale and a Southern USA fairy tale you say??

 A Northern fairy-tale begins with ‘Once upon a time.’

A Southern fairy-tale begins with ‘ Y’all ain’t gonna believe this shiiit’.

One Of Our Greatest Contributors


Many Thanks For Their Support

Checks In The Mail
I received an email from Bruce Johnston the day after I had taken the Burl to the printer and was not able to include this information. Bruce received 2 checks from people that had donated money to our club in memory of our loss of our past Vice President Norm Tennis. One check was from Michael and Christine Mikitka of Orland Park, IL. and the other was from Ronald and Jennifer Sasis of LaPorte, IN.  These checks would have had to come from the Tennis Family which we all thank them very much. Norm and Jan will always be in our memories. They were truly an unforgettable couple.


 Birthday Cake

Happy, Happy, Birthday

Max Kivett…………..March 8th

Mickey King…………March 12th

Dave Hicks……………March 20th

Lynn Wright………….March 27th

Happy Birthday To All Of You
Hope You Have Many, Many More

John Called
I got a call from John Corso on Tuesday just before the regular Tuesday meeting to notify me that he wouldn’t be able to make the meeting for several meetings. Of course I asked as to what had happened and he told me that he was diagnosed as having had a minor stroke. The following Tuesday to my surprise he arrived at the Tuesday meeting. As I say his stroke had been mild and was causing him some strange (to him) symptoms. He was having a difficult time remembering names of his own family. He couldn’t remember names of common things like what a phone is called. He seemed to be perfectly normal when talking with me.  John said that his doctor told him that he probably would start to get most of his memory back but couldn’t guarantee it.  John is the 3rd of our members that have had problems with strokes. Thankfully all have survived, and getting better by the day. You never realize how important your health is till you lose it.

Seminar Classes At Bettendorf

Sorry didn’t have the chance to put this info in the February Burl.

Habitat Making and Airbrushing With Josh Guge

Friday to Sunday March 27th-29th      $185 plus $20 for a material fee


Advanced Pyrography with Sharon Bechtold

Friday-Sunday April 17 thru 19th      $210

Knife Making and Carving Miniatures with Denny Neubaurer

April 23rd – 24th —- also April 25th -26th      $95 each

If you need more info on classes contact The Woodcraft Shop in Bettendorf, IA.  1-800-397-2278

I just ordered 6 things from them the other day and received the order in 2 days.
Great people to do business with. Thanks Larry and Carol.


A Few Things You Might Want To Try
I put a little tiny cut on my thumb the other day and didn’t want to put a band aid on it. I remember someone telling me to put a drop of Super Glue on it. I did and it does work.
I found an old case for glasses and found another use for it. I put my chip carving knifes in it so they don’t have to be covered in sheathes. Holds 3 knives-Works great! Try it.

No Online News Letter
You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a Burl online since December. Our Web Master (or Web Mistress Not sure which to use) Marcy Yrineo has had a lot of health issues. Plus she has had a lot of trouble with the program she was using to publish the Burl. For instance she had worked for weeks on one of her other web pages and the program for some reason lost all the info. I know how frustrating that can be. There are times while working on the Burl, things just seem to happen and I feel like throwing my computer out the window. Marcy works on several other web pages, so I know how frustrated she must feel. Marcy bought a new program to do the Burl and hopes to have it up and running soon. Good luck Marcy LOL


Hello Everybody! (Hi Don…Webmaster is the standard terminology. I don’t want to be known as a Mistress…LOL.  Also note that the new program is and it is Free, unless we want to upgrade to more features. I think Free is excellent and am trying to keep it that way.)

I am sorry that I have not been up to par with your online newsletters and website updates. My health issues are brain fog and headaches due to Diabetes and Insomnia, and winter pain that comes with Neuropathy, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia…some days it is really hard just to get out of bed. Springtime and warmer weather is just around the corner and that will help tremendously. I hope to do better in the future.  And I have a new Webmaster partner – George Sarver has volunteered to learn WordPress and assist with the website. Thank you George! I will be in touch soon!

The Duneland website was hosted by and I was very frustrated with the changes they made to their services. They took away many features (including their 24 hour phone support and the ability to do my own backups to my hard drive) and forced me to work online with software that is not “bug free”. Many of their “new features” do not work properly, and editing was a nightmare.

I was developing a website that would be named for all of you to use. It had hundreds of pages of links to woodcarvers, museums, schools, clubs, suppliers and individual carving websites, plus Classified Ads, links to books, carving articles…EVERYTHING woodcarving in every state. It was almost finished and ready to publish when they “lost it”.  They could not recover it. I was dumbfounded, angry, and heartsick over this loss…two years of work GONE because they did not do backups properly.

I no longer trust Homestead, so I am in the process of switching platforms for ALL of my websites to  I am responsible for the website for the Duneland club, but also for South Bend Council Oak, Plymouth Good Time, Cassopolis/Niles Fruit Belt, Middlebury Crystal Valley, Warsaw Chip-N-Chats, Nappanee Woodcarvers,  Pla-Mor Campgrounds in Bremen, Cedar Bird Shoppe in Pinconning, MI., my own personal website, and a few others for friends. My websites are basically free to the clubs…my way of paying it forward.

It has been an extreme learning curve to switch our website to and it isn’t finished yet…but I am getting there. Please be patient with me…everyone benefits in the long run.

And one more thing to tell you…

The Duneland Woodcarvers Club is now a GROUP on FACEBOOK.
Click here to visit and see the event list:

Duneland Woodcarvers Club on Facebook

Love, Luck, and Laughter…and angels all around you…


Pat Moore’s Class
slide9 Pat Moore

Pat Moore Carving Class Registration Form

Just to keep you updated, so far we have a total of 3 people signed up for the class. Pat wants a minimum of 8 students. Which means that we have to guarantee 8 students or pay for any classes under 8. Bruce said that he can wait till March 10th to notify Pat if we still want to have class. I’m not trying to promote her, but the club doesn’t get an opportunity to have an Instructor of her caliber very often. I know $140 plus rough out, seems like a lot in today’s economy, but I personally have spent more for classes years ago. If you are interested at all, let Bruce Johnston know.

Need 9 People To Do Demonstrations
We have 4 people signed up to put on a 1 hour or less demonstration at the show this year. We need a total of 9. There are a lot of our members that are gifted at one type or another in carving. I hope they will be willing to share with our viewing public. I know a lot of you are very talented but shy, unlike me. Please give it a try. People that are new to carving would be very impressed at what we are able to do with just a few tools and some knowledge on carving, painting, or wood burning. Please let me know if you can help out. I will set a schedule soon, and you can choose what day and time you will be available. Thanks!

I’m Gonna Get You
As you know we give out small door prizes at he show. I’m asking for donations. I won’t ask for anything large or pricey. Just something that you might have had for a long time and hasn’t sold. Make sure that your name is on it so the recipient can come to your table and personally thank you for your donation. You never know you might get a sale out of it. I will come around Friday afternoon if you are present or Saturday morning. I need about 13 pieces. Don’t make me twist your arms you know how good I am at that.  I will put the names of those who donate in the following Burl. Never had a problem in the past as you are all very wonderful members.

Tables Are Going Fast
Application – 2015 Show -pdf    Application – 2015 Show – doc

Bruce Johnston told me that tables are going fast for the show. Our members get the first pick, but please don’t wait to long to notify us. I would hate to see one of our own miss out. I told Bruce that if he needed help with being Show Chairman, I would volunteer to help him out and be his Vice-Chairman. This means he is the man in charge, but if you come across a time that you need help or an answer about something you can call on me.

While Were At It
Putting on a show is a very time consuming job and we need help. Were not asking for a lot of your time. We have to have members help out and take in tickets at the door, sell raffle tickets, placing carvings at the tables in the carving competition, help people with the filling out of competition forms, etc. This is your club please step up and give a helping hand. Don’t make just a few do all of the work. There are a lot of people that do help, but they need a break once in awhile.

What’s the difference between an Australian Zoo and an English Zoo??

An Australian Zoo has a description of the animal on the front of the cage along with a recipe. (My wife hates this joke.)


Smile Awhile With Me – A Gift From Maggie Kaber

  1. If all is not lost, then where the heck is it??
  2. It’s hard to make a comeback when you haven’t been anywhere.
  3. When I’m finally holding all the right cards, everyone wants to play chess.
  4. These days, I spend a lot of time thinking about the hear-after…I go somewhere to get something, and then wonder what I’m” here after”.
  5. Funny, I don’t remember being absent minded.
  6. My wild oats are mostly now enjoyed with prunes and all-bran.
  7. It was a whole lot easier to get old, than to get wiser.
  8. The world only beats a path to your door when your in the bathroom.
  9. If God wanted me to touch my toes, he would have put them on my knees.
  10. Some days you’re the top dog, some days you’re the hydrant.

This Month’s Pattern
A little something about this month’s pattern. I was cleaning out piles of very old Chip Chat’s ( I think maybe 1980’s). I go through these old copies every once in in while to see if I can find anything that might be useful today. I found several patterns that are made up of laminating 1 “ boards. Doing this would save a lot of time carving away so much wood. It also speeds up the process in carving. I tried one of these years ago of a football player. It worked out pretty good, but like a lot of my projects I never finished it. Still on the work bench. The Lady’s name was Mary Duke Guldan. She submitted patterns of a wide variety of subjects, from Francis of Assisi, to almost every animal conceivable. I cut out every pattern I was able to find. You could probably use this same procedure on almost any carving subject that is thick enough to necessitate several ¾” to 1” layers. Try it! It should save you loads of time.

One Month Reprieve
All 2014 members will receive a one month reprieve for two reasons. First is that it was decided to allow a March reprieve as quite a few people that participate in our show always pay their dues at the same time they pay their table fees which is at the show. After the April show if not up-to-date on their dues guess what—they will get dropped from the mailing list. The second is I don’t want them to do without this glorious news letter. LOL

More Staff Carvings Received
Brian Leonard turned in his staff carving today. It almost looks like an Aztec Indian carved it. Beautifully done -very original. Kathy Hays also turned in her carving which was a chipped carved one naturally. Top quality as usual. Terry Leonard showed me his carving project which is very well done so far. Can’t wait till it’s finished. All the rest of you slackers get busy. And you know who I’m talking about, myself included. Seems like I’m always sitting at my desk writing this (&x@%$) newsletter and never seem to have enough time left for carving. It could be this cold weather also has made me lazy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

All of you people that live in warmer climates (Lynn) are sure lucky.

Looking for a Photo Or Pattern
I found a photo of a Caricature Indian done in a class by Eldon Humphrey’s. He held the class years ago in Florida with The Golden Gates Woodcarvers. I think he resided there during winter months. I’ve seen lots of Indian caricatures in the past but none like this. If you have one please notify me. Thanks


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