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Vol.   39   A Publication of The Duneland Woodcarvers   May 2015


I’lllll   Be  Baaaaaaack

 Neither one comes close to looking like Arnold S., but that’s a good thing. Frank Kik and his handsome son Wayne came to the Duneland Carving show on Saturday April 11th .  It was fabulous to see them both. It has been almost 1 year to the day when Frank scared the bejesus out of all of us when he collapsed in front of the Woodcraft Shops area. He had suffered a massive stroke. They took him to the nearest Hospital and then his family had him moved to Northern Hospital. He was in very bad shape when he arrived there. He couldn’t talk and wasn’t able to swallow. He had around the clock service till he improved somewhat. His family kept us notified as to how he was progressing on a weekly basis. When Frank first appeared at the show I saw him and couldn’t believe just how great he looked. He used a walker but within a few minutes started showing off as to how he now is able to walk fine without the walker. It’s a wonder he didn’t start doing the Irish Jig. Wayne has a studio workshop in  Chicago and he built a working area with a carving bench and all just for his Dad. He picks up Frank three or four times a week so that he can spend some time with him. While Wayne does his work Frank can get some carving time in. Nice to have a son like that. Frank also carves almost every day in his own workshop when he isn’t busy driving himself to therapy classes. If he keeps this up for very long, he will probably want to compete in the Mr. America contest. I’ll vote for him. LOL

Happy, Happy Birthday

Birthday Cake

             Arnie Bass………….May 12th

             Terry Leonard………May 16th

             Bill Fairchok…………May 30th

 Happy Birthday To All Of You…Hope you Guys have many more

Another Miss Print

Last month I stated that next years show will be April 1st and 2ndKathy insists that those dates are not what she gave me. Who you going to believe. Her, or someone that never makes mistakes (me)? Anyway the real dates for our 2016 Show are April 2nd and 3rd.

Leon Has Been Lost Forever

 Darlene Henderson gave me an Obit the other day at one of our Tues. meetings about Leon C. Shiparski who had been a past member of our club. When I got home I read the obit and wracked my brain trying to remember him. Not remembering someone sometimes isn’t to hard for me to do. I sometimes get up in the morning and wonder who that good looking woman is sleeping next to me in the bed. When she awakens and tells me that she is my wife and we’ve been married for 53 years it all comes back to me. Back to Leon. Darlene, Kathy and Bruce all remember him well. Leon was last a paid member in 2004. I was still a fairly new member then which is probably why I couldn’t remember him. Leon was born Feb 20, 1929 in Michigan City. Leon retired in 1981 after 28 years of service in the Michigan City Police Dept. We also have to thank him for his years of service in the Army during the Korean War. Leon enjoyed woodcarving and had been a member of Dunelands for years. He also was a member of the St. Joseph Young Men’s Society, F.O.P. Dunes Lodge 75, and the FBI National Academy Associates. Leon was survived by two sons Michael and Steven and 6 grandchildren. Leon had been a great guy to all that had known him and will not be forgotten nor easily missed.

A Few Words Of Thanks

Bruce Johnston asked if I would include these words of thanks from him, for the people that volunteered to help out with jobs working at the entrance of our carving show. ——————-

I would like to thank all the people that helped me at the entrance, taking money for the admissions and the raffle. The carvers and their spouses were a huge help both with doing the work necessary and with their suggestions throughout the weekend.

 The club could not have succeeded as well as it did without the following people: LeeRoy Burrell, Terry and Sandi Leonard, Don Schroeder, Mickey King, Bob Rinearson, John and Mary Corso, Joan Jarka, Veneta Johnston, Vince & Karen Fisher, and Karen Sarver. Their willingness to do whatever was necessary was a breathe of fresh air.

Mixed up my Rogaine &Viagra Meds…Now my hair is too stiff to comb.

Yesterday Is History…Tomorrow a Mystery…Today a Gift
(That’s why it’s called the Present.)

The Show Was Only Such a Success Due To Many People

Many thanks to the 16 people that gave of their time to carve all the many carvings that made up the first place prize of the Raffle which made it a huge Success.  Jim Smith, Arnie Bass, LeRoy Burrell, Jay Nichols, Lee Nedreau, John Corso, Jerry Ward, Brian Leonard, Barb DeMars, Terry Leonard, Kathy Hays, Mickey King, Sanford Pangburn, Don Schroeder, Bruce Johnston, and George Sarver. Almost everyone wanted the Friendship staff over the other Prizes. And by the way, Kenny Vavrek’s wife, Bonnie won it for the second time in three years. We may have to bar her in the future, so that someone else will have  a chance to win the staff. LOL. It took a lot of prodding to get the carvings in on time but they all came through as they always do.

One Of Our Greatest Contributors


Many Thanks For Their Support

Possible Name Errors

I just got finished with typing in all the names of the show winners. I had to try and condense 4 pages of info into the 2 page insert. By the end of it wasn’t sure what the heck I was writing. If I misspelled your name please forgive me.

So Many People to Thank

Thanks to all of the people that put on the Demonstrations every hour at the show for two days. Jerry Lambert doing Bird carving and painting for 2 days, George Sarver for doing Chip Carving master pieces for 2 days, Jim Smith for doing his fanciful and creative  Caricature Carving, Jeff Postma for showing all on how he is able to do his great Chain Saw carving, Don Good showing everyone how to keep their tools sharp, Mickey King telling how he works his magic creating his very funny caricature carvings, and last but never least Sanford Pangburn for telling his secrets on how he creates those beautiful antler carved things of beauty. So many people commented to me as to how entertaining they all were and how educational they were. They never realized how much fun carving could be.  Thanks to Bruce Johnston for taking over the Show Chair and handling it so well. Thanks To Kathy Hays who seemed to be everywhere at one time taking care of business. Thanks to Bob Stevens for taking charge of the show competitions and showing his expertise. Thanks to Sanford Pangburn who once again did such a great job handling the advertising and getting the word out about the show. Thanks once more to Len Ellis for doing such a fabulous job creating the Radio announcement for us on US 105.5. Thanks again to the Leonard brothers ( Brian and Terry) for stepping in wherever they were needed for three days in a row. Don’t know where they get their energy. Thanks again to the people who came in and asked where they could be of help. You all need to be proud as the show would never have been the success it turned out to be. I asked several times in the burl for help and boy did they ever come through for us. Thanks to all of the Indiana Woodworkers for showing everyone on how they are able to create those works of art with their power tools. I know I learned a lot from them. Thanks to  Bob Tillis for showing how he uses his computer to run a CNC machine and come up with some very beautiful creations. His machine uses all kinds of carving bits to create relief types of carving out of solid material, that they use to make  counter tops out of. He was very entertaining. Thanks Bob

New Definitions That I Bet You Never Ever Thought Of

LEFTBANK- what a robber did when his bag was full of money

AVOIDABLE – what a bull fighter tries to do

BERNADETTE – the act of torching a debt

BURGLARIZE – what a crook sees with

PARADOX – two physicians

HEROES – what a guy in a boat does

RELIEF – what a tree does in the spring

SELFISH – what the owner of a seafood store does

RUBBERNECK – what you do to relax your wife

You may have to read these a few times till they soak in. Then see what new ones you can create.

Please Don’t Forget This Date

 May 16th this is the date we will hold our first ever Saturday  carving meeting at the Chesterton Art Center at 115 S. 4th St. Chesterton, IN.. These meeting are for those of our club members that can’t attend our regular Tuesday meetings. There should be several of our regular Tuesday members in attendance. Hope to see all of you there.

New Location For The Summer Picnic

Kathy Hays (Madam President) was able to secure a Pavilion site at The Deep River County Park for an unbelievable price. Save this day on your calendar July 19th I will remind you at a later date with all the pertinent Information. Well done Kathy.

Next Board Meeting

Just got this from Bruce Johnston. We will have a board meting on May 12th. It will be held just after the regular carving meeting at the Blue Spruce room at 11AM. Were having it after the carving meeting so that it will be much quieter. It seems that we have an awful lot of carvers that use hearing aids and they all seem to have them turned down at the meetings and have to shout to hear each other. This is all fine unless your trying to hold an important meeting and need to be heard.

Crown Point Steam Show

The Steam Show held in Crown Point, IN will be held on July 10,11,&12th.  Our club will be carving, selling, and displaying their wares in the Arts and Crafts Building as usual. We have a regular site there every year. Bruce and I will be there for sure. We also need a few other carvers. If you  are able and would like to be in the show call Bruce Johnston (219-662-0044) so that he can arrange to get you free gate passes for the show.

Lake County Fair

Our part of the Lake County Fair will be for only one day on August 14th which is on a Friday. Let Bruce Johnston (219-662-0044) know if you would like to attend with him. He would like to have at least a few of our members to help represent the club. Thanks.

Paul Bunyan’s Great, Great Grandson

Of course this is Jeff Postma. Not really sure if  he is actually related to the  famous Lumber Jack, but you never know. He could be…he’s big enough. Jeff is our club’s only chain saw carver, and we are lucky to have him. Check out his beautiful work on his site in Facebook.

A Gift From Leslie Hill

Not too sure how it all came about but the club was notified about Leslies husband passing away and how he was a wood worker and woodcarver. He didn’t belong to our club. Leslie contacted us and told Kathy that she had several large wood working tools and several carving supplies and tools that she just wanted to have taken out of her basement. She was emphatic that she didn’t want any compensation for anything. Jeff Postma brought a huge trailer with and Bruce Johnston, Bob Stevens, Kathy Hays, Jerry Hays, Leroy Burrell and Myself  lugged some huge and really heavy tools out of the basement. The carving tools will be brought to the Picnic and raffled off the same as we did when we received Bob Hansen’s tools and supplies. The club gave her a check to express our gratitude anyway.


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 The Buck Stops Here

Editor………………Don Schroeder

Phone 219-465-7243

2015 Show Category Winners

Category – Place – Name – Description

101- Abstract   1st Herman Sporleder – Lovers, 2nd Arnie Bass -Fish, 3rd Herman Sporleder -Sun & Moon

102- Aquatic Mammals/Fish  1st Bill Thomson-Perch, 2nd Martin Schnur- Rainbow Trout, 3rd Martin Schnur-Brook Trout, HM Bill Thomson Tropical

103- Aquatic Mammal/Fish Group  1st Mike Allen – Sea Turtle

104- Aquatic Mammals/Fish Stylized 1st Martin Schnur – Ghost Fish, 2nd Herman Sporleder- Whale, 3rd Tim Rausch-Tang Fish

105- Land Animal single/group  1st Charlie Smalligan-  Horse

106- Land Animal single/group painted  1st Jerry Lambert- Giraffe, 2nd Mike Allen- Bear, 3rd Jerry Stockbridge- Dog, HM Bob Woerpel- Animal

108- Bird Shore  1st Jerry Lambert-Egret, 2nd Don Wilcox- Sea Gull,

109- Bird Song  1st Jerry Lambert- Song Bird, 2nd Jerry Lambert- Song Bird, 3rd Ron Pliski- Cardinals, HM Chuck Swickard- Song Bird

110- Bird-Game/prey  1st Ron Pliski- Phesant

111-  Bird Waterfowl  1st Tom Grille-Water fowl

112-  Bird -Stylized 1st Ron Pliski- Horn Owl, 2nd Ron Pliski- Snow Owl

115-  Caricature Human single 1st Mickey King- Hockey Player, 2nd Mickey King- Woody, 3rd Bob Stevens- Bucking Horse, HM Herman Sporleder- Wine Bottle

116- Caricature-Human single/group  1st Doris Kroenig- Wheat Mice, 2nd Mickey King- Mr.Peanut, 3rd Bob Woerpel-Bucking Horse, HM Mike Allen-Turtle

117-  Caricature-animal single/group 1st Frank Pozdol – Carosel

118-  Circus-animal single/group  1st Jerry Stockbridge-Hockey Player, 2nd Ron Muskina-Walking Stick,

119- Decorative animate, human, animal, feather, canes, walking sticks   1st Mike Allen- Shell Box, 2nd Darlene Henderson- Dragonstyle,3rd Mike Allen- Clock, HM  Darlene Henderson-Dragonstyle

120- Chip Carving   1st Tom Shumaker-Box, 2nd Kathy Hays- Plate, 3rd Kathy hays- Plate

121- Flowers   1st Frank Pozdol- Country charm,  2nd Herman Sporleder-Sunflower Box, 3rd Mike Allen- Hand Mirror

122- Human-realistic/Bust  1st Charlie Smalligan-African Woman, 2nd Don Wilcox-Indian Bust, 3rd Bob Stevens-Indian Bust

123-  Human Realistic/full figure single/group  1st Jerry Stockbridge-Motorcycle, 2nd Bob Stevens-Mountain man

126-  Junior-open age 17 or younger 1st Katelyn Stevens- Woodburned Dragon

127- Miniature-fits in 2 inch cube 1st Mickey King -Boots, 2nd Bob Stevens-Owl

128- Minature-1/3 scale or less 1st Jerry Lambert-Cardinals, 2nd Tim Rausch- Trout, 3rd Martin Schnur-Channel Catfish

129- Novice-open, never won a ribbon 1st Richard Brooks- Acanthis,2nd Richard Brooks- Acanthis

130-  Mythological-open 1st Herman Sporleder- Dragon, 2nd Jerry Stockbridge-Sea Monster, 3rd Darlene Henderson- Troll couple

131- Relief-High-Greater than ¼ inch, human, animal, single/ group  1st Frank Pozdol-My Country, 2nd Don Wilcox-Moose antler, 3rd Barbara DeMars-Cabin in Woods, HM Bob Stevens- Winter Scene, HM Charlie Smalligan- Missing The Point

132-  Relief-High-greater than ¼ inch inatimate 1st Herman Sporleder-Flowers, 2nd Barbara DeMars- High relief

133- Relief low ¼ inch or less  1st Max Samuelson-Eagle head

136- Wood burning  1st Debi Jenkins- Beagle Clock, 2nd Debi Jenkins- Corvette Clock, 3rd Barbara DeMars- Emmett Kelly

137-  Santa 1st David Kublank- Santa, 2nd David Kublank- Santa

139-  Chainsaw 1st Jeff Postma- Spirit Face, 2nd Jeff Postma- Owl

140- Bark Carving, animate Human/animal 1st Ron Muskina- Indian, 2nd Ed Runnion- Alligator

142- Wood Turning 1st Herman Sporleder- Tea Party, 2nd Tom Clements- Chalice, 3rd Herman Sporleder-turning,HM Herman Sporleder-Rolling Pin

143- Intarsia and inlay (marquetry) 1st Mike Allen-Chess board, 2nd Cheryl Gustafson- Wolf Box, 3rd Cheryl Gustafson-Lion Box

144- Scroll saw-open 1st Kenny Vavrek- Cross, 2nd Dick Sader-Memorial Plaque

145- Other woodworking 1st Mike Allen-Cribbage board, 2nd Max Samuelson- Fishing lure, 3rd Barbara Ziolkowski- Spoon

146  Gourds 1st Kathy Voyles- gourds, 2nd Kathy Voyles -gourds


Congratulations to all winners!