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Vol.   39   A Publication of The Duneland Woodcarvers   September 2015

Boy– It’s that time again

One of the members (Lee Nedreau) remarked last month that it seemed like I was handing out the Burl every two weeks instead of once a month. I guess that as we all get older, time does seem to fly or  go by much faster than when we were younger. To me it seems like I’m just finishing one news letter and I have to start on the next month’s issue. Lots to talk about so I guess I better get started.

Family Picnic Largest Turnout

Boy, Kathy sure knows how to throw a party. Of course I’m talking about Kathy Hays our first woman club president. I don’t know where she gets all of her energy. She not only got the new location for the club for free, she bought all of the hot food,  (piping hot chicken) and all the cold drinks. She brought all of the carving supplies that were donated by another loving lady who donated all the supplies from her recently deceased husband. Kathy handed out tickets to everyone including spouses and called out numbers till all was dispersed. Everyone went home with arms full for free. We had the largest turnout ever, 40 people. We even had three of our newest members show up.  A fun time was had by all. We all owe a huge thanks to Kathy for all of her hard work. The club is much better because of her.

Next Year’s Show Date Settled

We had a board meeting August 18th  to make a few decisions for next years show. Next years show dates are April 2nd and 3rd,  2016. Write these dates on your calendar lest you forget like me. It will be the clubs 40th continuous show. We would like to make this our best as it is possibly our last show.  This year we had more people volunteering to help out than most years in the past. Usually it’s like pulling out hen’s teeth. This club does provide an awful lot for the members, including a place to get together to carve, a monthly news letter, Christmas Parties, Family Picnics, and a show where they can compete with some of the best carvers in the Midwest, and even sell their carvings. All this for a measly $20 dollars a year.  If every one would just volunteer a few hours to help out at the show, it would take off some of the load from the few that usually do all of the work, so that they can take a deserved break. If you guys help out we might be able too continue on and have further shows. A little help from  all could mean more shows.

Maria I Apologize

I just found out yesterday that it was Maria Azcona’s birthday. A lot of women don’t like divulging their birthday’s for some ungodly reason.  I don’t believe she ever told me what it was but I have my ways of finding out. In any case Happy Birthday on August 18th  Maria hope you have many, many more.

Birthday Cake

Happy, Happy Birthday

      Clarence McCoy………………Sept. 2nd

      Vern Schrader…………………Sept. 3rd

       John Wrigley…………………..Sept. 7th

       Jim Smith………………………Sept. 12th

       Kathy Hays…………………….Sept.17th

       Tom Clements………………….Sept. 20th

       Vince Fisher…………………….Sept. 23rd

Happy Birthday To All Of You

Hope We See All Of Your Names Here For Many, Many Years

One Of Our Greatest Contributors


Many Thanks For Their Support

Door Village Festival

Set aside the Dates Sept 12th and 13th for the Festival.

Contact Kathy Hays (219-762-2966) if you want to show and sell at the show. Fun for all and the best thing is it’s free.

Another New Member

We have another and his name is Robert Draper, better know as the (Scooter Guy). We nicknamed him that because he always comes to the Tuesday meeting’s on his motor scooter. Bob’s wife has passed but, he had been married for 36 years which resulted in 6 children. He is now a retired Electronic Tech. and has been carving for about 10 years. Bob took a carving class in a High School 10 years ago and has been carving ever since. He and my wife love frogs.  No further comment.

Someone Actually Uses  The Patterns

I try to put a pattern in the news letter every month when I have room for them. I never know if any of them will ever be used. Last month I put in a pattern of what looked like a Humphrey Bogart type of private eye. Last Tuesday at the meeting Jimmy Smith showed me his rendition of Humphrey.  Jimmy, the master caricature carver that he is brought the carving to life.  If I can I’m going to try to challenge him most every month.  Great job  Jim.

Jim gave me a great pattern of a Democrat fighting with a Republican caricature’s (Elephant and Donkey).  Depending on which one you want to be winning and on top, necessitates which end you have the base on. I don’t have room for the pattern this month due to the insert having photos of the Bremen Carving Camp. Promise to insert it next month. You will see what I’m babbling about, next month. I love to keep you in suspense.

Chuck Swickard Sells All

Chuck handed me a list of items he wants to sell, so that he can purchase some new toys that might be able to improve his carving. Items and prices are.

  1. Foredom Series S, with FCT foot control, No. 44B hand piece with wrench, collets1/32 & 1/8, Shaft grease & instruction book for $160
  2. Detail Master Excalibre with 2 ports, selector switch, 2 burning pens, No. 1A and 2D for $ 150
  3. One Stanley 10 inch wood rasp for $6.00
  4. Swedish Pull Knife 12 inch W/ 4” blade for $15.00
  5. Coping Saw 6 ½  Blade for $5.00

See Charlie at the Tues. Meetings or call at   219-464-1826

Smile Awhile With Me

 Signs That I’ve Seen – Believe It or Not


On a Septic Tank Truck – “Yesterday’s meals on wheels”


At a Tire Shop in Milwaukee – “ Invite us to your next blowout”


On An Electrician’s Truck – “ Let us Remove Your Shorts”


On A Fence – “ Salesman Welcome! Dog food is expensive!”


On A Maternity Room Door – “Push, Push, Push.”


At an Optometrist’s Office – “ If you don’t see what you’re looking for…You’ve come to the right place.”

 Membership Count

Just in case for some unknown reason you were curious to know. We now have 72 paid members as of August. We have lost quite a few wonderful carvers over the last few years due to age and illnesses. The now generation doesn’t seem to have that many new young people that want to get into wood carving. Doing all of the Fairs and shows that the club does seems to be working as this year we have several new members and the nice thing is not all are my age (antique). So if you have the chance to attend join in on one of these affairs, by all means do it. You get to meet a lot of really nice people and the best part is you might get out of doing some of those Hunny Doo projects. LOL

Bruce Tells All

Just got off the phone with Bruce Johnston. I wanted to get the information that he could provide about the clubs participation in the Lake County Fair. Bruce is truly an irreplaceable person in our club. He handles our treasury for us. He also is the Show Chairman of our annual show. He sets up several of the events that our club is able to show their wares with the possibility of attracting new members. He is not only a good friend but he allows me to bounce sarcasms off him at times. Last month with the help of Jeff Postma, Bruce got us into the Crown Point Steam show for three days which was a blast. This month (August) he got the club into the Lake County Fair for just one day. Bruce had a lot of volunteer helpers this year. Brian Leonard, Barb Demars, John Corso, Bob Stevens, and Bob Davidson spent the day at the fair with Bruce. They weren’t allowed to sell any of their carvings. They could show how they perform their magic on wood and do a lot of talking which most of our club members are superb at. Bruce told me that he told the people in charge that he would have liked to attend the Bremen Carving Camp this year but couldn’t due to the show date was the same as the Carving Camp date. He said if that happens again next year he asked if the club could have their day earlier in the week like Tuesday or Wednesday so there wouldn’t be a conflict. I told him I hoped they would as I would have liked to go to the fair also. We will just have to wait and see. Many thanks for all the carvers that did attend to represent our club.

 Letter Of Thanks

Jeff Postma is a member of the South Lake County Agricultural Historical Society.  These are the people that put on the steam show every year and what a great job they do. The Society sent a letter to Jeff thanking all of us for attending their show and doing such a good job. They said that they received several compliments about our group. This was totally unnecessary, but is always nice to receive. They also said that the Steam Show for next year will be July 8th thru July 10th. Can’t wait. The show was great fun. Not every day you get to see those gigantic steam tractors fire up and run around.

Met A Man

I got to meet a man at the LaPorte Fair when I was demonstrating there. He seemed interested in how I was able to carve things out of Cottonwood Bark. He had never seen anything like that. He took one of my cards and called me a few weeks later and asked if I would be interested in having a bunch of bark for free. Now, what carver would ever turn down any carving supply especially when the word free comes up. His name was Elliot Dorsey. Dorsey like the famous band leader brothers from years ago. Not sure  whether you youngins would remember them. He said that he lived in Michigan City and had a load of bark the same size ( about 4” thick ) as what I was carving at the Fair. I told him that most bark in our area was  not that thick. He insisted that it was. I got his address and Gail and I took a little trip. Naturally his bark was not what I had hoped for. It was 4” wide not 4” thick. I was able to pick out a few pieces that I thought I could give to some of our carvers just to practice on. He told me that he might like to come and visit with us some Tuesday and I of course told him that he would be very welcome. Elliot told me that he also carved but on something quite a bit smaller. He carves monkeys out of Peach pits. Gail and I both loved them. I told him to bring some to the club meeting and show all.

Our Flying Nun Has Been Grounded

I got a call from our very own Flying Nun or better known as Sister Celine. Sister told me that she just celebrated her 91st birthday and had a very hard time walking let alone trying to carve anything. She mostly spends a lot of her private time doing water color painting. She sends me Christmas cards every year with the front of the card being one of her beautiful paintings. She told me that she is no longer able to carve anymore and wanted to donate all of her supplies to the club that she so dearly loved. She said that she had several bins full and I would need a truck. I picked up several containers today and Sister told me that she would call me when she has more to be picked up. I will wait till all has been picked up then put an article in the Burl as to when we can have a free raffle at one of the Tues. meetings. The club will put all to good use and thank Sister Celine  with all of our hearts.

Starved Rock Show

Don’t forget the Starved Rock Show will be held on Sunday Sept 27th .  Always a great show.

Carving Camp Held In Bremen

Just got back from spending 4 wonderful days at the Carving Camp (Indiana Woodcarvers Summer Camp) held at the Pla-Mor Campground in Bremen, IN. This was the second year for my new tent. Last year Jeff Postma gave me a hand putting up my tent. We put it up so fast, and it was so easy, that when I went to put it up by myself this year I stood there scratching my head for quite some time trying to figure it out. It eventually got done and this time I paid attention as to how I did it. It probably don’t make a hill a beans as I probably won’t again remember next year. There were quite a few instructors this year although it didn’t seem to be as many as there were last year. They had a great tool supplier again this year that had almost everything one would need. They did have a few new instructors this year that I had never seen before. They had a bark carver by the name of Gary Bityk that had a very  new approach to carving small fantasy type houses. His classes were 4 day classes and I didn’t take his class as I was already signed up for 2 other classes. Max Samuelson took his class and you should see the beautiful house he did.  Next month I will do an article about Gary with some photos of his work and discuss having him come to teach a 2 day seminar. My favorite Wood burning instructor was there, and I spent several days absorbing  as much information from him  as I could. He was not only a great teacher , but was fun to talk with as we both had several things in common.  He likes old Mustang convertibles and Motorcycles. I saw Marcy Bomba creating a really neat fish that could be used as a lure when going Ice Fishing. I really like the way it turned out, just wish that I had time to do one.  Kathy Hays bought several things to carve which should keep her out of trouble for many a day, but I doubt it. Jeff Postma was in his usual spot up at the entrance of the camp ground. This year he was joined by two other chain saw carvers. One carver gave lessons on how to chain saw carve. As usual Jeff was selling his carvings as fast as he could finish them. He did several new ones this year. He had a sea turtle that I fell in love with. There was a lady instructor there that wrote a book on how to carve Cypress Knees and was wonderful to watch. Marcy Yrineo took her class and ended up creating a fabulous carving. It seems like Marcy takes a different type of class every year and always creates something beautiful. She is a very diversified woman. Terry and Sandi Leonard had their motor home there and every time I went past they tried to feed me and give me something to drink. Terry didn’t feel well so wasn’t able to do a whole lot. Rich and Netti Grutsch joined in on the fun and we were able to spend some great times with them.  Bruce Johnston and Barb DeMars were supposed to join us however they were no shows. Sanford Pangburn and Brian Leonard did make the drive and we were able to break bread with them and enjoy their company. Kathy and Marcy kept me well fed as usual.  Mark your calendars for next years Bremen Carving Camp for August 11 to August 14, 2016.

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